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Fushan cafe is the first local professional coffee shop of Hainan. It has a long history. Fushan cafe located in fushan town, on the side of Fushan to Haikou's National Highway. Fushan cafe consists of main mansion, affiliated mansion, orna­mental gardens and so on. It has beautiful scenery and elegant environment. It's a good place to spend a holiday of leisure.

Activities near Fushan Coffee Culture

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Mangrove Bay Park is 8.78 km from Fushan Coffee Culture

Hongkanling located in Qiaotou village of Chengmai, Occupying 500-mu.

Hongkanling is 10.33 km from Fushan Coffee Culture

Hainan Beautiful Romantic Bay(BRB, Meilangwan) Golf Course is located in the county of longevity

Beautiful Romantic Bay Golf is 13.42 km from Fushan Coffee Culture

Park in center of Jinjiang town Chengmai.

Jinjiang Central Park is 16.24 km from Fushan Coffee Culture

Jinshan temple is located in Jinjiang town of Chengmai.

Jinshan Temple is 16.92 km from Fushan Coffee Culture

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