Jigong Mountain

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Jigongshan resort is located in the south WenRu Jigong mountains, another name JiaoJiao ridge, have a natural stones and famous for the surface stone grain natural compose draw Jigong facial panorama, the image is clear acting like Jigong. Stone high 2.5 meters, width 1.2 meters. Around the sun wukong, clams stone, turtle stone, snake stone, cattle stone, stone of bed, stone of chair, more than 20 natural stones. The beautiful spectacular will enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave

Activities near Jigong Mountain

Jinshan temple is located in Jinjiang town of Chengmai.

Jinshan Temple is 28.07 km from Jigong Mountain

Ardeidae heaven is located in Changwen village of Yongfa town with good environment, suitable for

Ardeidae Heaven is 28.32 km from Jigong Mountain

Park in center of Jinjiang town Chengmai.

Jinjiang Central Park is 28.70 km from Jigong Mountain

Jialongping tropical tourist area located in hainan tourism Chengmai, Hainan.

Jialongping Tropical Forest is 32.29 km from Jigong Mountain

The Meilang Sisters Towers, also known as the Twin Towers, are located in the southeast of Meilan

Meilang Twin Towers is 34.17 km from Jigong Mountain

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