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Jilin Province is situated in the central section of China's northeast region. It is bordered by Heilongjiang on the north, Liaoniang to the south, Inner Mongolia on the west and North Korea on the east. This location gives the province favorable temperate climate, which includes a lengthy winter with snow that can start as early as October and last until April. Despite the winter cold, people flock to this area for the Ice Lantern Festival and the winter sports. Jilin is known as an area for winter sports and has produced some of the best ski resorts in China. However, it has many other natural and historical attractions to entertain its residents and visitors.

Jilin Activities

The CGIG Nanshan Hot Spring Hotel is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. Visitors to Changchun will find that the CGIG Nanshan Hot Spring Hotel is a fantastic accommodation choice.
The hotel is located approximately 37km from Changchun Railway Station and 55km from Longjia International Airport.

Small park on Renmin Street between Chaoyang road to the south and Jinshui road to the north. Nice place to stroll and relax in the downtown area of Changchun

Cherry blossom island is on the Yitong river. It is located in Changchun China just east of Yatai Dajie and south of Nanhu Dalu.

Longwanqun National Forest Park is a nationally protected nature area in Huinan County, Jilin, China. Geographically, it is part of the western Changbai Mountains.

Chagan Lake is the largest inland lake in Jilin Province and the seventh largest freshwater lake in China. The only Tibetan Buddhist temple, Miaoyin Temple is located on the banks of this jewel-like body of water some 22 kilometers southwest of Songyuan city proper. Another favored scenic spot is Long Keng (Dragon Pit).

Yitong Volcano Group is a national nature reserve consisted of sixteen volcanoes. Large-scale rock caves and columns of pagoda-shaped rock scattered around the volcanoes may bring people into exceedingly fanciful land. Relying on its unique volcano landscape resources, Yitong is always attracting frequent influxes of geologists and tourists.

Highlights: exhibition of the pomp of the city as an imperial paddock in old days; murals reflecting the hunting history and culture of this area

Songhua Lake: This is a long narrow lake formed by the dam construction on the Songhua River. The lake is surrounded by mountains and dotted with islets in the water. The beauty of the scenic area consists in its vast lake, verdant forest and green mountains. It is definitely a perfect summer resort.

Liuding Mountain Scenic Area is located in the southern suburbs of Dunhua, a county-level city of Yanbian Korean Nationality Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province. On the top of the mountain sits a giant Buddha, which is regarded as the landmark attraction in Liuding Mountain Scenic Area.

Xianghai Nature Reserve is a national scenic area characterized by a grassland and wetland landscape. Swamps, reed marshes and apricot trees, together with the undulating dunes and shining lakes, capture a picturesque view. The advantaged condition attracts many cranes living here and Xianghai is well known as a town of crane.