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Lianhua Shan (Lotus Mountain) (莲花山 Lián-huā-shān). Features an impressive quarry from which red sand stones were mined about 2,000 years ago, a pagoda from 1612, and a barrack from 1664. The obligatory statue of Guanyin, the Buddhist Goddess of compassion, at the side of the Buddhist temple is also not to be missed. From Guangzhou, take Metro line 4 and exchange bus at Shiji Station. There are ferry services from Guangzhou at Tianzi Pier (天字码头) (¥20) and Xidi Pier (西堤码头) (¥25). The boat leaves at 08:15 and returns at 15:15. ¥40.

Activities near Lotus Mountain

Lingnan Impression (岭南印象园) (Metro 4, Higher Education Mega Center South, exit B.

Lingnan Expression is 11.42 km from Lotus Mountain

Guangdong Science Center is a comprehensive, non-profit science center and scenic spot establishe

Guangdong Science Center is 15.59 km from Lotus Mountain

Chimelong Safari Park (广州香江野生动物世界 Xiāng-jiāng-yě-shēng-dòng-wù-shì-jiè, Xiangjia

Chimelong Safari Park is 19.46 km from Lotus Mountain

It is a great place for a nice walk or bike ride. There are shops all around that rent bikes.

Dafushan Forest Park is 20.59 km from Lotus Mountain

Canton Tower (广州塔), Yuejiang Road West/Yiyuan Road, Haizhu District (Metro 3, AP

Canton Tower is 22.61 km from Lotus Mountain

Address of Lotus Mountain

No.18 Ximen Rd Shilou Town, Panyu District

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