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Old Dragon Head (老龙头) (Take bus 25 from the south gate or train station, taxi around Y10). At Qinhuangdao, the Great Wall juts out into the sea. The original wall is long gone, but an extensive rebuilt section has been put up. Bus 25 will take you there for ¥1-3. To get onto the wall and into an area with several rebuilt halls, you need to buy a ticket for ¥60.

Activities near Old Dragon Head

Xingcheng Haibin National Park (Haibin: Seaside)

Xingcheng Haibin National Park is 119.02 km from Old Dragon Head

Bijia Mountain is situated on the coast of the Bohai Sea adjacent to Jinzhou Port.

Bijia Mountain is 143.39 km from Old Dragon Head

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Wanghai Avenue and Laolongtuo Road Diyiguan, Shanhaiguan District

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