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Wuzhishan (Chinese: 五指山; pinyin: Wǔzhǐshān) is a city in Hainan's central highlands. It is a scenic town with very few tourists, lively markets and exceedingly cheap food. Although called a "city", Wuzhishan refers to a large land area in Hainan - an area which was once a county. Within this area is the main city, Wuzhishan City.

Wuzhishan Activities

(Take a bus from the Wuzhishan bus station to Shuimanxiang (水满乡) for ¥7. Buses start at 8AM, and also run at 9AM, 10AM and 12PM. They will pick up other passengers, vegetables and dead chickens on the way to Shuimanxiang. At the terminus, take a moto-taxi to the trailhead (¥5).

Wuzhishan Grand Canyon River Rafting is the longest one with 6KM in about 2-3 hours and very challenging one, but it opens only on weekend and public holidays.

Rate per person is CNY198/person including insurance, operating time is 9am till 4pm. If your shoes are not good for rafting, then please rental sandals at CNY10/pair plus CNY10/pair as deposit which is refundable.

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