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Qiu Jun cultural park

Qiu Jun was a famous scholar, official, and writer from Haikou, Hainan. He was born in 1420 and died in 1495. He is considered one of the most outstanding economic thinkers of the 15th century. He wrote a book called Supplements to the Explications to the Daxue, which explained the principles of Confucianism and the importance of labor and morality. He also served as the prime minister of the Ming Dynasty for a short time. He was known for his honesty, integrity, and loyalty to the emperor. He was buried in Qiu Jun Cultural Park, which is located in Shuitou Village in Haikou. His spiritual path was influenced by his grandfather, who was a medical official and a benevolent person, and his mother, who came from an intellectual family and taught him well. He followed the teachings of Confucius and Mencius and devoted his life to learning and serving the country. He was respected by many people for his wisdom and virtue. He was also a poet and wrote many poems about his hometown, Hainan. One of his famous poems is “Wuzhi Mountain”, which he wrote when he was six years old. Here is the poem in English:

Wuzhi Mountain stands tall and majestic, Its peak piercing through the clouds. Its green slopes are covered with pines and cypresses, Its streams flow with clear and sweet water. I admire its beauty from afar, And wish to climb to its top someday. But I know I have to study hard first, And become a useful person for the country.