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Jialongping Tropical Forest

Jialongping tropical tourist area located in hainan tourism Chengmai, Hainan. With a total area of 32800 mu. The original tropical rain forest, for with rouge; slope base, the greengage, pomegranate and other rare tree species and ShuiLu, monkeys, cane at, pangolin, boa, jungle fowl, mountain goose pigeons, JinQianGui and other rare wild animals. There are mountain waterfalls, vast linhai, forest stream, stones, mountain peaks, twitter beast heaven pond step, and birds, fallen flowers in this area It constitutes a profusion of perfect ecological painting. lt is the qiongya column revolutionary base - the site of MeiHe. Jialongping tropical tourist area not only has excellent ecological tourism value and revolution education significance but also is the best place for leisure vacation.