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Hainan Beautiful Romantic Bay(BRB, Meilangwan) Golf Course is located in the county of longevity Chengmai, is very accessible. It’s only 25 minutes by car from Haikou downtown, 30 minutes by car from Haikou Meiland International Airport with complete expressway. Hainan Beautiful Romantic Bay(BRB Meilangwan) Golf Course is the key part of the Hainan European Style Towns. The first 18-hole course is a high quality PGA international championship standard golf course. “Hainan European Style Towns” is the Key Project of Hainan Provincial twelfth five-year plan. It was massively invested and built by Hainan Zhong Dong Fang Industrial Co., Ltd. The Hainan European Style Towns was planned to contain five European Style Towns, British, French, German, Italian and Spanish style, 3 theme parks, and three 18-hole golf courses. BRB Course is a world class golf leisure and tourism resort with the combination of golf, healthy leisure and tourism. It is designed by CJ Tan, famous golf course architect from Malaysia and its shaping is various with unique features. The natural terrain, fairways radiate from the club house, the route of play is very clear and smooth. The length of the fairway is 7250 yards with perfect layout, with the combination of various hazards such as rivers, lakes and bunkers, the golf course is full of challenges and pleasure for golfers to play. And it was constructed strictly in accordance with the USGA standards, over 100,000 square meter of river sand has been use to make sure the drainage and aeration are perfect. Fairway hardness and elasticity also reach the international level. BRB course is the exclusive parkland golf course in Haikou area. This brief by hainantour dot net. 18 different tropical fruit trees have been creatively and respectively planted in both sides of 18 holes, and the hole was named after the fruit. Fairways are very challenging and with great pleasure. The speed of the green is very fast, the contour on the green is fairly appropriate, golfer can perform their putting skills perfectly on the green. The bunkers were designed to be hierarchy shape, which is very helpful for drainage. The inner of the bunkers was hierarchy designed as well, which makes the shape of the golf course more various. Hole No. 8 in C course is a par 3 hole, two of the bunkers in this hole were designed to be Scottish style, which increases fantastic landscape for the golf course.

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